Monday, January 4, 2010

The Begining

I have wanted to blog for a few years now... I kept going back and forth thinking "what the heck would people want to know about my life". Then I realized, who cares... I want to blog so I will. I normally do not make "New Years Resolutions", as I believe that just sets you up for failure, so you spend the month of January feeling defeated. I would call starting a Blog my 2010 goal, so far so good. No promises on how often I will write, or what I will even talk about, but 2010 is about to be a busy year, so I think that I will have plenty to share.

A preview of the year to come:

New House (purchased on Oct 2009, still a work in progress)
A Wedding ( MY Wedding :) )
A crazy work life (the joys of corporate America, in middle America)

I hope those are enough reasons to invite you to be a follower.....

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