Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tune in Tokyo... My relationship with the TV

The Television.... what a wonderful creation. A guilty pleasure...

It has come a long way since its debut.
I am not from the 1 TV per household generation... I think we always had 2. In my current home we have 5 TV's hooked up... 5! I love it, but not that much!

The house is bigger, thats my excuse... but as one gets upgraded, the old TV moves to another room.

Don't get me wrong, I love to catch Lifetime on Sunday afternoons while cleaning, or be able to watch my friends on the Today Show from the shower... but, is 5 TV's too many??

It is the future husband that fights the good fight! He loves the television. Here is the compromise to our recent TV debate... a 2010 must have... a wall mounted flat screen TV with a swivel arm... in the Kitchen! Wow.... technology has come a long way.

There it is... up on the wall to be seen at all times...

What is your favorite TV show these days?

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