Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lets Talk Wedding Plans

It is almost May... we are less then 200 days from the BIG DAY. The "to do" list is still large, but we are getting things checked off.

I have put B in charge of all flower projects, rightfully so, since that is what he does for a living.

I have put myself in charge of all other tasks... which is starting to stress me out. I have decided recently to reach out for help!

So far here is what we will have.

A date- August 28
A Venue- Dorral Farm, A lovely outdoor property
A theme- Country Chic made of Black and White with Green accents
A DJ- Tommy Nutter with Diamond Entertainment
A Photographer- Jody Bennet - photography by jojo
A Meal and a Bar- Janie Dehn with Its about Thyme Catering
An invitation for all 200+ guests- Myriam soloman
A dress-- Its a surprise

Now for the details... Black and White and Green. Sounds like a drab color pallet, but it is very ME.

Here are a few pics of the look we are going for..

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