Sunday, August 8, 2010

a WICKED date

My birthday was about 2 weeks ago and B and I just got to celebrate together this past Friday. Life has been busy.

He bought me tickets to see the off Broadway Musical "Wicked" that is performing here in town. I was so excited! We went to dinner at my most fave pizza place (for salads of course...) Deweys Pizza. ( I am obsessed with the House Salad there, but thats a whole different post!

"Wicked" is performed at the Ohio Theatre for the next 4 weeks. This was a great experience for two reasons, 1) the show was very impressive 2) the theatre is amazing.

The story of Wicked tells the tale of what happened before Dorothy and Toto landed in Oz. The life story of the Wicked Witch of the West. It shares the secrets of Oz and the characters that you meet in Wizard of Oz. I will not give the details away, but my review of the show is the following:

Great voices- The actress who plays Glinda was amazing
Slow first Act, it picks up towards the end.
Great Act II- lots of twists and suspense
the best part of the whole show for me was the stage! All items were on gears and moved in and out so smoothly. The backgrounds were so vivid and in many scenes it felt like a movie rather then a play.

I recommend this play for those that have loved the Wizard of Oz, although, I will tell you that it is almost (ALMOST) a mockery of that movie.

I recommend this also for those that just like musicals and stage acts in general... the skill it took to put this show together is amazing.

Now, onto the Ohio Theatre. For those of you who live in Columbus and have never been,... GO! it is so beautiful! I literally stood in the ladies restroom and imagined the old days when woman wore large gowns and big hair and going to the theatre was a BIG DEAL. It is a little more casual these days (well the people are), but the Ohio theatre carries the ambiance and nastalgia of old world theatre.


All together it was a great birthday celebration!

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