Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Over the past year I have started to except the idea of starting a family of our own. (calm down... we are on the 3-5 year plan), but one of the main reasons that I am so excited for children is to begin family traditions.

This was brought to my attention this Hallowen season when B and I hosted a pumpkin carving party at the house. 6 years ago when I met my husband I convinced him and his roommate that carving pumpkins at Halloween was essential to the season.... "What do you mean you don't carve pumpkins??!!" So, that year and every year after we have carved pumpkins together.

My husband and his family do not have many traditions. In fact, they have 1... Christmas Eve. At first when I tried to come in and make changes to this, I could not understand how his family was so offended and hurt, but now, I get it.... that is their one tradition together as a family.

My family, as disfunctional as we were, had many traditions! I have so many memories with my siblings for each and every holiday and birthday. It makes me sad to hear my husband say, "we didn't really do halloween" or " we always left town for thanksgiving and did not have the big meal"... those are the things that I treasure the most about my child hood.

With all of this said, it leads me back to the desire to start traditions with my family... for now, it is just me and B, but we are having fun making our own traditions and mixing them into what we knew from childhood.

What are some of your favorite family traditions?

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Jill said...

See, in due time... you came around to realize you can't take away their tradition, but you will have more pull when you have your own family! For some reason it all works itself out and I'm glad that you're finally in this place! :)

Our traditions have been molded over time and since we're talking about Christmas... The Christmas Eve night is a big deal with my family. As it stands now... S's parent's come to my parents house, we go to church together and then we have dinner all together at my parent's house. Once dinner is over, S's parent's leave and we do our big family gift exchange. It's been this way for years and luckily my sister's fiance's family is good with this plan too. So we've set it in stone. Now, if my brother hauls off and get hitched (one of these days) I could see where this would maybe throw a dagger into our already scheduled plan.

We also do other things throughout the season... German Villages holiday open house, Mt. Victory, zoo lights, etc... I can't wait for Christmas!