Thursday, December 9, 2010

getting ready for the holidays

Last weekend after I returned from vacation I needed to get in the Holiday Spririt.

I started by meeting a good friend for lunch and afternoon cocktails!
Followed by some christmas shopping and more cocktails! It was a great start to the weekend and a great way to ease back into the real world.

I followed these activites with a great Saturday filled with christmas decoration shopping.
I went to the French Hen Barn Sale! It was a one day Holiday Sale! I got some great treasures to add to my christmas decorations! I saw fellow blogger ABK!

I then met Mrs. Hopeful and her mom for some shopping in a cute little town called Mt. Victory. I got some more great deals on christmas decor!
Like this little tree, fully lit and decorated for $20!! what a deal.


Sunday was just as great as Saturday. We started at a neighborhood friends Christmas Brunch. Here I caught up with some neighbor friends as well as had more house envy because of course her house was so cute!!!
After we went straight to the tree farm to cut down our Christmas Tree! This is our first Christmas as a married couple, so this is our new tradition!

Here is our tree.... she looks little, but she is 7 feet tall! I was in charge of taking pictures, B was the chopper!


Jill said...

Too fun! What a great time of the year!! Can't wait to see you tree up and decorated!

French Hen Farm said...

Your Holly Jolly sign looks great! So glad you could make it to the sale!
Stay warm and enjoy the snow!

M said...

Thanks Linda! It was a great sale! Looking forward to the Spring Sale!