Thursday, February 3, 2011

shrimp n grits

In September, B and I traveled to Savannah Georgia for our Honeymoon. We had such a great time and really loved the south! One of the things that we loved was that they served grits with every meal! Have you ever had grits?? They are yummy!

As soon as we left Savannah I said "I am going to start making grits at home"... well... here it is February and I had not made any grits. So... last night I made Shrimp n Grits, a southern favorite!!

It was YUMMY and super easy.

I bought instant grits at the grocery

Boil 2 cups of water
Add in 1/2 cup of grits
Simmer until thick (it takes about 5 minutes)
Add 3 tablespoons of butter
Add 1 cup cheddar cheese

( i used pre cooked shrimp, however, I would recommend using raw shrimp and cooking it...the pre cooked can not cook for very long they start to shrink)
Heat 1 tablespoon Olive Oil
Add onion and garlic (minced)
Add shrimp
let simmer
add 1 tablesppon butter

Spoon Grits into bowl

Add shrimp to grits and then pour pan mixture (butter, onions etc) over the shrimp

I added some Cheddar on top and WA LA- Shrimp n Grits

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Jill said...

That looks so good and if I weren't meeting you for dinner tonight, I would be making this... except S doesn't like grits... so we'd have to do rice... but still, DELICIOUS! YUM. My mouth is seriously watering.