Tuesday, February 1, 2011

something to warm your heart

I am so excited to share this story with you.

A few months back my grandmother and I went to a local auction. I purchased an old wooden apple crate for $5, however, I had to take all the contents in the crate with it. There were about 10 frames and pictures in the crate, really random stuff.

When I got it home I placed it all in the garage and of course my loving husband kept asking "when you going to do something with that junk"... after a few weeks, I finally went through the stuff to decide what to do with it. Among the paintings was a hand drawn picture of a beautiful house. On the back was a penciled in address of a farm in Ohio dated 1972. I started thinking that this was a custom drawing of this home and it really belonged with the owners...

I packaged up the picture and typed out a very informal note explaining how I got it and why I was sending it back. I had no idea what to expect. I even used my work address as the return, in case some crazies lived there... clearly I watch too much Dateline.

So, that happened about 1 week ago....

Yesterday, I received a handwritten letter to my office.... it was from the family that received the drawing and the woman wrote the nicest letter that I read outloud twice to my co-workers and every time it brought tears to my eyes....

Here is what it said:

You can't imagine how surprised we were to open your package and find the beautiful painting of our home. How can we ever thank you for such a kind , generous act? The painting is hanging in our living room where it looks perfect!
We purchased this farm in 1998 and moved here from Minnesota. We have two children, Micheala and Gregory, who have wonderful memories growing up here. we have horses, dexter cattle, chickens, dairy goats and have raised pigs& sheep as well. We practice sustainable and organic farming.Our house looks just like it does in the painting. If you would ever like to visit Morning Mist Farm, you would be most welcome!

Again, thank you so much for your kindness: We will enjoy the painting for years to come and will tell the story oftem of the kind lady who sent the painting "home".

How nice is that?? I am going to write her back, thanking her, for making my day! I might just take them up on the offer to visit their farm... I am so glad that I took the time to send this picture to them!
This just goes to show that someones elses junk is anothers treasure!


Andrea said...

That is a wonderful story, thanks for sharing!

abkdesign said...

This is truly awesome!!! If you go visit I would love to come and see their farm- what a great inspiring blog!!

Jill said...

That is so awesome and so nice that it actually arrived to them. Some of those old farm houses they are knocking down and making them into strip malls so I'm glad to know it still stands. And how nice are you to just send it in hopes someone receives it!?! So cool!

I think you should take them up on seeing their farm! How fun would that be?!

Jana said...

That is so fun and adorable! It's divine intervention - probably anyone else who took that picture wouldn't have sent it - so cool!