Friday, April 15, 2011

what happened

I used to really care a lot about what I wore to work.
I used to spend most of my free time shopping for the best deals, creating the look for less in my closet...

I have over the past year become more involved with caring about what our house looks like and spending all my free time shopping for the best deals for the house. I spend all my time at HomeGoods, Marshalls, Flea Markets and basically anywhere I can get a cool house hold item for inexpensive!

I have noticed that with this change of focus my sense of fashion has faded.... I no longer spend money on clothes like I used to...

It all hit me the other day when I got to work and I was wearing almost the same outfit as one of the "not so great" dressers in the office... She is also twice my age... OMG I thought! I am wearing mom pants and my shirt is too short and I look like a mess! I don't want to end up on "What not to Wear"

I have not even bought any new Spring clothes this season.... I spent my budget money on things for the house and hosting events for friends. While I realize these things are all important and build memories.... I can not continue to be Frump Girl at the office!!!

I am going to start equally reading fashion magazines as I read Pottery Barn and Coastal Living... I am going to keep looking for clothing deals while I look for decor deals!

I will not let my fashion sense slip away before I even hit the big 3-0!

While I realize you are all laughing... I had to write this as a commitment to myself! Thanks for letting me vent!

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