Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Euro Trip- The finale

ok hold on tight because the next 11 days of the trip are going to happen really fast!

From Paris we headed to Amsterdam. Everything you have heard is true, Coffee Shops are really Smoke Shops and Cafes are really coffee shops... this is important if all you want is a Latte....

The Red Light District is also real. There were many women of all shapes and sizes just hanging out waiting for some one to knock on the door and ask for their services. To me- most of them looked like decent women... I felt sad for them, but I was reminded that I was blinded by the Red light glow and up close they might not be so pretty... and 90% choose to do this so maybe I should not feel sad..... 

Anyone who calls Las Vegas "Sin City", I would vote that Amsterdam takes that name.

Our first day in Amsterdam is when the week of rain began.... lots of rain!

After Amsterdam we headed North to Voorhout to stay with B's aunt, uncle and cousin. they had a super cute place and were very hospitable.

From here we- saw the Flower bulb fields that bloom in the Spring, expereinced what it is like to live in a small Holland town, we went to the North Sea, we went to Den Haag, the location of the Royal Family.
We went to a flower auction, which was very cool, here is some info on this- Flower Auction

We got to see a Wooden Clog Factory, go inside a windmill and ride bikes all around town. We also go to spend quality time with B's 92 year old Grandmother!

We ended our trip with a day in Brussels, Belgium and flew home the next day....

wow.... hard to believe that the last 3 posts happened in 16 days!

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