Wednesday, November 30, 2011

diet is a dirty word- Update

ok, well... lets just say Thanksgiving came and went and my diet failed :)

What I have learned...

-eating is important, but I need to make the right choices.
-more meals, smaller portions
-work out atleast 4 times a week and do something different each time... your body is not going to change if you don't change your routine!
-don't call it a diet, remember that is not a good word.... just make it part of your life...

I am continuing to try to eat healthy, but not calling it a diet....

Last night we had the best salad:

Strawberry Chicken Salad

Romaine Lettuce
Spinach Leaves
Fresh Strawberrys (sliced)
Almond Slices
Grilled Chicken ( I used a rostisserie chicken from Kroger and cut it up)
Oil & Vinegar Dressing (B used Rasberry Vinegarette)

It was delicious!

See... being healthy can be fun!

Today I will continue my work out with a Kettlebell Workout and Cardio (alternate between Treadmill and Eliptical machine)

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