Monday, November 21, 2011

Musical Monday

I am thankful that this weekend I got to see the newest addition to the Twilight Saga in theatres... Breaking Dawn -Part 1.
When I finished the books I could not see the movies fast enough!!! Now I have have wait another year to see the finale... don't worry I will not spoil anything about the movie. Aside from the fact that I know that if this had been the first one... I am not sure I would have stuck around to see more... those werewolves and vampires were extra wierd in this film, but I still loved it!!!

The musical side to this is that I was reminded of a song from the first movie, Twilight. It is played at the very end during the Prom dance scene and it is revisited in Breaking Dawn during the wedding vows of Bella and Edward.

Iron & Wine- Flightless Bird, American Mouth

I have been humming it all weekend. It is such a pretty song!

I am also listening to some songs by Rob Pattinson for the movies
Let me Sign
Never Think

If you are a Twi-hard like me... you need to see Breaking Dawn...and enjoy the easy listening.

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