Tuesday, January 31, 2012

catching up

3 weeks of travel really took a toll on me. Atlanta to Phoenix to Charleston and home... I am exhausted.

What makes me more tired is thinking of all the projects I want to accomplish for the house!

- Curtains (to sew or not to sew)
-pillow covers
- misc. furniture pieces
- media center in the basement
- creating a grown up Master Bedroom

The list goes on ...

What has taken precedent is catching up with my husband and just some quality time around the house!
What is going to keep me from these projects.... our new found addiction to LOST on Netflix! Have you seen this show? It is INSANE! There are 6 seasons of about 25 episodes each... we are on Season 2 episode 6... a long way to go!

Just a short post to say I am back....

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