Monday, February 20, 2012

how did you spend your weekend?

we spent our in the closet...

Saturday afternoon we decided we were going to give our closet a makeover. We needed more shelves and space... we also needed to get rid of clothes!

Our closet was pretty standard... each of us had one long rack to hang clothes on. The floor was covered in my shoes, purses... basically anything I didn't know what to do with... the back filled with laundry.

I needed more hanging space and B needed more shelves.


Gut the Closet
Paint it
Reorganize the shelves we had
Purchase new shelves
Re-org the inventory

 there were many holes to patch and repair....
Here it is after... before I put everything back in. We used the ClosetMaid 6-8ft. closet kit. Purchased at Home Depot. While we dreamed of a custom wood style closet... we stuck with the affordable wire racks.

B has gained 4 shelves now!

I have gained another 6 feet of hanging space and this feels great!
(this is the pic like they show on the closet kit box... the people only have 4 articles of clothing... 
I added the rest later )

Closet Organization is one of my favorite chores...  We filled 3 garbage bags for donation!!! Before we know it, Spring will be here and we can clean out the closet again to transition to the Spring/Summer clothes!!

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