Monday, February 13, 2012

musical monday

I gave up on Musical Monday a few weeks back, but with the Grammys being hosted last night and the recent loss of Whitney Houston... I feel it is only necessary to pay tribute to her beautiful voice.

Since the minute I heard that Whitney had passed, I have had this song in my head.

This song reminds me of a lot of things, mostly my college life. I am pretty sure I ended most every Saturday night to this song because our favorite bar played it as its closing song!

While this is not Whitneys most famous song... that would probably be the "I will always love you" that she stole/borrowed from Dolly Parton, but.... this song will forever be my most listened to Whitney hit!


Dance with Somebody- Whitney Houston

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Andrea said...

Are you sure you didn't start Musical Monday's just for me? :)