Tuesday, March 6, 2012

pillow cover lover

I successfully made my first pillow cover this weekend! I had the pillow for over a year in the closet collecting dust and the fabric I bought at a local barn sale. 3 yards for $3!

Here is the final product... the cover ended up being a little too big, but better big then small I guess...

I found the step by step here and also a great video guide here

The main steps are:
Wash and Iron Fabric
Cut for main panel: 1 inch more then the length and width of your pillow 
(my pillow was 24x24 so I made all cuts 25 inches)
Cut for back envelope panels: Length is 1 inch more then pillow and width is 6 inches less then pillow
Lay the main panel right side up. 
Lay the smaller panels right side down on the main panel, one will over lap the other.
Pin and sew the length of the fabric (right and left sides)
Then make your hems on the envelope panels (see detailed instructions)
Now sew all around the square
Turn right side out! WA-LA you have a pillow cover!

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