Wednesday, January 16, 2013

how we found out

It was a Friday evening..Nov. 2... I peed on a stick... then another... both positive... end of story....

Ok ok let me back up.

I had been waking up all week with a head ache, starving and feeling like I might vomit after I ate.
I felt hungover... but I had not been drinking.

Friday morning was extra bad! I went to work complaining about just not feeling right... the girls at work joked... "you're totally pregnant".... no of course not. I had a period this month, a light one, but it came... I thought.
That day for lunch my team wanted to have lunch at the Japanese Steakhouse... the minute I walked in the door and smelled the Hibachi air I almost lost my breakfast right there in the lobby... I held back... I ate my lunch and proceeded to wonder "WTF is wrong with me"??

On the way home from work I called my sister, a veteran mother to 2 and asked if she thought my symptoms could be pregnancy.... she said "just take a test and then you will know".... so to Walgreens I went.

When I got home B was in the shower getting ready for the night. (we had plans to go to a comedy club with colleagues). I said "I'm home and I am taking a pregnancy test".... Test # 1... Positive... now I am shaking in shock... reading the test directions over and over... demanding B get out of the shower and help me find out if this was real!!!
Is there such thing as a false positive... are those really 2 lines ????
Test #2.... positive... well folks we have a baby!!!

We both were laughing and silent and happy and shocked... all while B dripped in his towel straight out of the shower....

When I read articles about "how to reveal your pregnancy to your spouse" I think... how could anyone keep it a secret that long?? Our romantic story of me shouting to through the shower door "I'm Pregnant" will last forever in our memories!

We proceeded out that night with our friends, but this time our life was different. I had to prepare my pretend drinking... poor B had to chug the drinks that friends kept bringing me. I had a hard time focusing on the comedy because of course all I could think was... I am pregnant!

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Jill said...

Hilarious. Fake drinking can be so hard... but in reality, if everyone else is drinking, they won't notice... as long as you keep pretending.