Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finished the Card Box

I have been overly inspired by many wedding blogs. I came across one bride that had reasonable DIY projects and her wedding colors were Black, White and Green (same as me!!).

One of her projects was creating a card box. I realize that this seems like a silly thing to focus on, but I think that it is just another way to tie in the colors and cuteness that I want at our wedding.

Here is the inspiration Card Box
Here is my version with instructions.

I started by tracing the small box on the large box.  (straight lines are important) I then mesasured 3 inches from the traced line to the center and cut a circle in the large box.

I then cut the bottom out of the small box (with a box cutter).
You will need the box cutter to make the opening in the top, for the cards of course!
I traced the width and length of the slit on a piece of paper and then traced it onto the box.

I used green ribbon to make the lines effects. Thanks to the help of a great neighbor from another hood, we were able to get the ribbons as even as possible. Hot Glue Gun!

After patience and glue all over my hands, I was able to complete the final product. It is not perfect, but had I tried to do this alone, it would have been a mess. Thanks to my helper!

Total Cost:
Boxes- $5.99
Ribbon- $2.00
Glue Stick, Scissors, Box Cutter - $Free (had at home)

TOTAL $7.99

There might be a few added extras to this, but for now, I think this worked out

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Ms. Emily Ann said...

Hi Maddie - It's Carly's friend, Emily! She sent me the link to your blog :)I am excited to follow you, you're so craft!! What a cute idea!!