Tuesday, June 22, 2010

There will be dancing!

To start I would like to apologize for the low quality pictures I have been subjecting you to. I have lost my camera and have had to use my phone to capture all moments.... It is either fuzzy pics or no post because I just can not have a blog post with out the pictures...

Ok, back on track...

This week I accomplished one of my wedding "would like to haves". I realize that this is not a necessity, but I think that in order to encourage all guests to dance the night away, I want to make sure that there are no excuses.
Excuse #1 being- "My feet hurt" .... not at my wedding :)

I have bulked together some flops for ladies to kick off the heels and have a great time!

I found flip flops at Old Navy and Hobby Lobby. $1.19 at Old Navy and then only $.99 at HL! I bought about 30 pair, assuming that only the youngsters, such as my booze soaked friends, will use them.

I used a cute black and white polka dot ribbon to tie each pair together and then I will display them in a white wicker basket! I think this works with my country chic theme!

I am pretty excited about this.
Things are coming together. I am trying to force myself to focus on the main things and stop finding more crafty things to create.... it's not easy!

I have my first bridal shower this Sunday! I am looking forward to it! Details and pics to come from that!

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