Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shower #1

Sunday was my first bridal shower. Luckily, I have been to plenty of showers to know what to expect, however, you can never prepare yourself for how you will react.

My sisters came in on Friday night. It helped to have them there for the weekend to talk through outfits and such. Saturday we spent the day shopping and catching up on the Twilight Saga movies 1 and 2 ( a whole different post, because yes, I have Twilight Fever)

Sunday came quickly. Of course when the time came, I hated my outfit, but stuck with it anyways. Good thing I was having a good hair day :)

My family and Mr. B family arrived to our house first and we caravaned together. I am so comfortable with our families spending time together , it is no longer stressful, which is great!

Once we arrived, the sweat started. I am not a sweater, but man! It was awkward at first, but once everyone went around the circle and told their story of how they know me, B and the family, things were a little more comfortable.

A little background- this shower was hosted by a friend of my mother in law to be. I have met this woman... 5 times, but she was nice enough to host a 30 guest shower! She is also the person that made my veil and is doing my dress alterations.... Nice lady! Thanks to her for all her support.

Once the gift opening began, the sweat started AGAIN.... I was not sure, am I going too slow, too fast? Was I acting too excited for one and not the other... geez way to much to think about!

I opened some GREAT gifts! Seriously, I was shocked at how generous people were! I am registered at Bed Bath and Beyond and Pottery Barn. I recieved gifts from both registries, which was great. Even though I checked the registry online...everyday... I was still surprised to see what people gave! I already have carpul tunnel from writing thank you cards!

I do not have many pictures, but I will put some below. I will add more later when I get them.

Thanks to everyone that came to the shower.  My sister and Maid of Honor was such a help this weekend. Just having her there to chat with and break the awkwardness was great!

Something funny that my husband to be said today... "Lets sit down tonight and make a list of all the things we still need to get done before the wedding" I took a minute to laugh and say " sweetie... I have many lists and anytime you want to start checking things off with me that would be great"
He is helpful, but the poor guy has to deal with me controlling everything.

60 days and counting :)

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