Friday, July 2, 2010

DIY- Mason Jar Lanterns

I have been inspired by many things over the past year in regards to Weddings. I seriously need to stop looking for ideas, but the internet sure makes that difficult!

In trying to create a Country Chic wedding, I decided that I needed to incorporate my classy side, with some tasteful country accessories. The invite does say Farm right?

For this DIY project I was inspired by my all time fav home store, Pottery Barn.

The inspiration:


My re-production. This is so so easy and inexpensive!

For $7.99 (at Walmart) I purchased a case of Ball Mason Jars. PB sells 1 lantern for $7.99- you do the math.

I also purchased 20 gauge wire from the craft store. 9 yards was enough for 6 jars. about $2.99

All you need to do is wrap the wire under the bottom lip of the jar one full time (Do not cut the wire yet). once you have wrapped it around once,twist and  take the long end and loop it over the top of the jar, to form the handle. Cut enough to twist the end around the wire that is wrapped around the lip. In the end you will end up with a handle that has been twisted on each end. I did need pliers to twist it extra tight!

(sorry for the hard to see pic)

I plan to put a little sand in the bottom and then a votive candle.  We will hang them from shepard hooks to form a walk way to the tent.

I have mason jars of different sizes that I plan to use on the tables as well, as candle holders.

I am very happy with these and can not wait to use them at my house after the wedding!

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