Thursday, August 26, 2010

Welcome to our Wedding Weekend

We have many guests coming from all over the world for our wedding. Many of them will stay with family, my house, in-laws and at local hotels. We have already made 2 trips to the airport to pick up family from the Netherlands!

As a Thank You to our out of town guests, we have created a Welcome Bag. Each guest at the hotels will get a bag when they check in. I kept the bags simple, sweet & salty snacks, some kisses (its a wedding of course), gum, tissues, bottled water and some advil! It should be enough to get some one through the night or help with the morning after!

I think that they turned out nice, atleast, I would like to get this when I checked in!


abkdesign said...

your attached note matches your invitations! cute! can't wait to help you celebrate. wish we were staying at the hotel to recieve your cute bag.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Amy, could you drop one of those off at my house while you're out and about???!!!

I think they turned out great and I can't tell you how many times those bottles of water or advil have come in handy when at other out-of-town weddings! :)