Monday, August 30, 2010

Mr & Mrs.

Just wanted to check in to say.... we did it, it happened and we are MARRIED!

It was a fabulous weekend and I will have many pictures, stories and more as soon as I finish soaking it all in.

We are off to Savannah, Georgia for our Honeymoon. Its a mini-moon, as we are driving, so we will spend 4 nights in Georgia.

Stay tuned for posts to come....


Anonymous said...

We cannot tell you how much fun we had at your wedding! We cried (ok, I cried), laughed (mostly at the different dance moves that people pulled out later in the evening), drank, and danced the night away!

You were the most beautiful bride and your dress was just absolutely stunning! And, what a beautiful picture of the two of you! I cannot wait to see the rest!

Congrats and have a great trip!!!


abkdesign said...

Congrats!! You are going to have the most awesome pictures that will last your lifetime! Everything about your wedding was so awesome!!! Thanks for inviting me and sharing all your planning with me.... looking forward to hearing about your honeymoon.