Sunday, September 5, 2010


We made it back safely from our trip to the Deep South. Savannah was a perfect get away!

I will have many things to tell you about Savannah and our trip, I will break those out into other posts.

For now, we are just home, unpacked and getting ready to start life in the "real world" as Mr & Mrs.

At this point we would be classified as Honeymooners or Newlyweds... so far so good. Nothing seems to change, which might be because we have already lived together for close to 3 years. It does feel different in a way. I find myself listening to him or just looking at him and thinking "wow... married... me and you forever..." this is a good thing ya'll... I am truly happy. I am mostly just shocked that I am at this point in my life...

(notice I had to throw a ya'll in there! its so fun to hear the locals talk in Georgia)

Honestly, I am so excited to start my life with B as a married couple. I am feeling that tinge of depression, the I can't believe the weddings over, one day and its all over just like that! Its like Post Wedding Depression....I want to talk about it over and over and over. I am stalking Facebook waiting for more people to post pictures... I am obsessed with remembering the wedding day...

I hear that the memories fade and the wedding day feels farther and farther away... is this true? Help me out wifeys out there... were you depressed a little that the wedding day, the honeymoon comes to end and then you have to go back to normal life... just like it was before?

I will leave you with another one of my fav pictures ... also more pictures to come. (background on this... We are laughing because I am putting the ring on the wrong hand... awesome move....very embarrasing, but hey just another memory...right?)

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Jill said...

I love that picture of you guys! You're aunt got it right on!