Monday, September 6, 2010

Night Before

August 27, 2010

We were off to a great start! All things on schedule... everyone was on time to the rehearsal and they actually were willing to help and pay attention. Not that we doubt our friends, but you go in assuming that they just want to get the party started and want to rush through the rehearsal.

Quick facts about Rehearsal:

  • SOO glad that we had one!
  • I had a bag full of Ribbon Bouquets from the Bridal Showers and we did not use them.
  • The ceremony muscian was late causing a frustrated groom, surprisingly, I was ok with it.
  • I cried, a lot! during the practice vows. I had to wear my sunglasses during because it helped me to not whimper at every word.
  • Run through with your bridesmaids is key, for some reason they all want to ask the pace you want them to walk....
So after the rehearsal, my in-laws hosted a dinner for everyone at a local restuarant. It was a perfect venue, the only thing I would have done differently is had assigned seating. Otherwise, we had a great time!

Behind me you can sort of see the bags I have to my bridesmaids, I think they were a hit.
Here are the ladies, after I had 2 glasses of wine and chose to give public speeches about each of them, needless to say... more crying. (sisters not pictured)

Here is one of the groomsmen posing with his new tie for the wedding day

Here is my father in law, he chose to wear his favorite T-shirt to thank everyone for coming, and in case they did not know him, well of course he was easily identified now.

The dinner ended well and then we parted ways. The guys headed out to the bars and the ladies headed back to the hotel for some Champagne! It was a lot of fun! We had champagne (in paper hotel cups) and then ended up having a dance party in the hotel parking lot! A perfect way to end the night before my wedding day!

Good times with great friends and family! I actually did get some sleep that night, but that might have been because of the wine and champagne that I drank....

Day of story to come...

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