Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Savannah, Georgia- The Drive Down

We drove down to Savannah for our Honeymoon. It was a total of 11 hours to get there. We spent the first night after 7 hours in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

We passed through 5 total states to get to Georgia. I did not drive at all the way down, so that worked out :) I was just in charge of keeping the car ride entertaining so no one fell asleep.

We tried to make the down time productive by writing Thank You cards to wedding guests and make lists of goals. Short term long term and even goals for our trip!

The drive there was great! It was a great way to wind down from the crazy weekend and also to catch up on things since during the wedding planning we had not had a chance to really just talk about nothing.

My Driver :)

My work station for thank you cards...

The one below says North Carolina, sometimes we were driving really fast!

This is the hotel we stayed in!

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