Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ceremony Starts at 4:30pm

August 28, 2010

As long as everyone made it to the ceremony site by 4:30pm and was ready to get married or be part of a wedding we would be in good shape... that is what I kept telling myself. Whatever happened before that did not matter.

I made an itinerary for the day... I did not look at it once. (well of course I knew it all in my head) I was truly so calm and together on our wedding day, I even surprised myself.... it was bizarre. Honestly, I have a wierd feeling that someone drugged me... seriously. Either that or, I just knew that it would all fall into place and whatever happened was no longer in my control.....

It was a BEAUTIFUL day! Not a single cloud in the sky! It was a comfortable temperature for late August.

We started our day at the Salon getting all pretty... it was 8 woman which made for a 5 hour process.... we had fun though :)

The ladies with their totes

First things first....

Little sister

Cheers with the Maids

Then it was my turn...

Then came the tears....

It was a great way to start the day. Drinks and laughters, a few tears! We were ready!!!

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