Thursday, September 9, 2010

Preparation for the Big Day- Beauty Adventure

My Beauty Adventure happened in one day, 4 days before the wedding. I did not really follow the schedule that all the wedding books tell you... at this time you should be ... blah blah...

I went and got my eyebrows (and upper lip...yikes) threaded! It was great! I have very sensitive skin and can not get waxed (for real, had a BAD experience that I will tell you after a few glasses of wine).

The Threading was great! I recommend for all skin types because it is not harsh on your skin at all, I was not red at all and the pain was 4 out of 10!

(this is not me)

My next beauty appointment that day was my nails  I got Axxium Gel on my nails. This is by OPI and it is a gel polish that goes over your real nail to make them extra hard almost like acrylic, but it is supposed to not be harsh on your nails. Well.... it was great, the first few days. About day 5 (day after the wedding thank goodness) they started to chip, When they chip... it pulls off the top layer of your real nail! OUCH. I would go ahead and say, if you have nice natural nails, keep them natural.

Here is a sort of close up of my nails on wedding day.


Jill said...

The more and more I hear about threading, the more I want to try it! Let me know the next time you go and maybe I'll go with you!

Love the nail idea too... too bad it was crappy and didn't last very long! :(

Oh, you had an award on my blog! Go receive it and post on your blog!!! :)

M said...

THANKS JILL, but I don;t see it... maybe it didn't post yet, or I am confused...