Monday, September 13, 2010

Preparation for the Big Day- How many outfits will you need???

In addition to all the wedding plans, I worried about what I would wear to all the pre-wedding events. After all, I was the bride and all eyes would be on me. Pictures would be taken that we would look at for years to come... I wanted to look good.
What is appropriate for a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner etc... the list goes on.
Just something else they do not tell you to budget for... new outfits!
Here are some samples of appropriate pre-wedding "I am the bride" ensembles.
Bridal Shower:
Dress comfortable for lots of sitting. Wear layers if you get nervous with lots of people staring at you, you can take the sweater off to cool down.
Dress classy, something that says, I am an adult that is mature enough to get married and I am not a slut (for real some of these ladies will not know you and first impressions are everything)

This example is simple yet classy and you can throw a jacket or a cardigan over it if needed. Appropriate for a shower that is happening at a specific venue, such as a restaurant.

This is comfy, fun and feminine! I wish I had worn this to one of my showers! This perfect for a shower at someones home or in a backyard.

Bachelorette Party:

This is one that I struggeld with. I wanted to look my age and be stylish, but I also wanted to look classy. There is a thin line with Bachelorette Parties were some brides can look trashy. I went with a black skirt and a white tank that I paired with a fun necklace. Flats are important if you plan to walk a lot and dance the night away, but thats just me because I prefer flats over heels.

This is a fun black dress that is not too revealing, but shows enough leg that you can't wear it to church. This would be good for a dinner and girls night out style party

This pant look would be perfect for bar hopping

Rehearsal Dinner:
Depending on the type of event you are having for the rehearsal dinner, it is important to dress like the next day, you are going to be a Bride! If you are going to the Church for the rehearsal remember to dress appropriate for that, again, layers are great!
I knew that I wanted to wear white to the rehearsal considering that this was the one weekend in life that I could wear all the white I wanted and its ok!
Here are some samples of what I think are great for the night before your big day
This is fun and young looking, you could easily wear a sweater over it to the Church if needed.
This dress is elegant and still young looking. Even something you could wear again!
Some other outfit ideas to keep in mind are bridesmaid luncheon, day of wedding "get ready outfit", day after wedding if you have a brunch or family events.
It can be overwhelming, but no one told me to prepare for these. Again, you do not have to buy all new outfits, but if you are like me, when it comes to that day it is a lot easier to get ready if you have something new and exciting to put on.

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