Thursday, September 30, 2010

Small Town Love

I wanted to start a new series that focuses on reasons that I am learning to love living in a small town.
It was a difficult adjustment, but every once in a while I find reasons that make me realize that living away from the city is not so bad.

To start my series off I am going to talk about my love for barn sales.
Where else would you learn of something called a "barn sale" and get so excited that it literally made your week... why in a small town of course!

This barn sale is not what you would expect, go ahead city folk, picture it in your mind.... yep, exactly what I saw... a rickety old red barn with broken windows that had rusty old farm equipment outside. I would expect an old man and his wife to be hosting this sale and all they would have is pieces of junk that you could get for cheap and take home to transform into your dream....

well, not in small town Ohio where I live!! This barn sale is a TREASURE! A hidden treasure that I am lucky enough to share with you.

The French Hen Farm is a beautiful property that sells awesome finds in a barn! A fancy barn :) Check out their blog and get a preview of what they are offering.

I will see you at the sale tomorrow around noon :)

Stay tuned for my next reason to love a small town....


Jill said...

So jealous! Buy me something nice! :)

abkdesign said...

hope you found some awesome stuff! french hen farm is such a great treasure! i heart barn sales!