Sunday, October 17, 2010

Me & the owl

I love to drink wine. I prefer red wine, but of course I will drink a glass of white, especially when it is a warm day.

These days it is chilly so me and a bottle of red are quite cozy together.

As you know, I recently got married... we were lucky enough to be able to provide the alcohol for the wedding (huge savings!). Even more lucky...we had lots of extra!!
The wine that we chose to buy only cost us a little less then $3 a bottle. It was not 2 buck chuck... I did not want to serve that as everyone knows that it costs so low...

We served "Winking Owl" and it is DELICIOUS. It is extra delicious because it is not expensive!

You can get "Winking Owl" wine at ALDI.
Get yourself some inexpensive wine and curl up with the owl!

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