Monday, November 8, 2010

The Ceremony

I am going to finally finish my wedding day posts!

The ceremony... it was perfect... We were married by B's uncles from Holland. Dutch Priests (yes catholic priests married us outside the church). They made it very personal and unique. We had some of our best friends and siblings in the bridal party. The weather was unbelievable, take that all you skeptics who said outdoor weddings in August were for crazy people... It was a GREAT day.

It all started with some anxious ladies.... waiting... waiting...

Followed by what we called "the flying V", but mostly the girls were just blocking me for the big reveal

My brother walked me down the aisle, that was really special and fun. He kept having to tell me to stop talking! "I can't hear the music" "I can't see b" "when do we start walking".... you know usual pre aisle chats.

Then it began...

Oh, did I say perfect, well... almost, I put the ring on the wrong finger....oops....

Mr & Mrs.

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