Monday, November 22, 2010

Its all about the food....

Ok, so its also about being Thankful... but Thanksgiving is mostly a reason for people to get together and eat.
I love to eat!

I could do with out the Turkey...
Mashed Potatoes are a must have!
My grandma's homemade stuffing, YUM... sorry people, if you have only experienced Stove Top Stuffing and never homemade, you are seriously missing out!
A reason to eat 4 different types of dessert in one day... thankful for that!

what are your favorite Thanskgiving foods? Do you eat the traditional Pilgrim meal, or do you mix in your own traditions?

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Jill said...

My mom makes a layered jellow salad that is a must! We also have to have green bean casserole. AND, I'm totally with you. While I make a really great turkey, I could go without and just eat sides. I mean, that's what consumes my plate anyway!

Have a great thanksgiving!