Thursday, November 4, 2010


National Blog Posting Month! I was inspired once again by my blog mentor Mrs. Hopeful to keep up the blogging. I have signed up to be a part of National Blog Posting Month, I will commit to post something everyday for one month....yikes!
Welcome readers from the NaBloPoMo blog roll...I hope that you have fun exploring the tales of my life,

Here is a Brief about me: I am from Ohio... I travel a LOT for my job, summer used to be my favorite season, until I started traveling a lot for work.... I got married 2 months ago to an amazing guy... I love him so much that I moved to his hometown- a very small town. I actually like it. I have made many great friends in my life, some I have kept and some that I am just getting to know. I Love to write, and blogging is just an outlet for me...sort of like a relief from the day to day.

Thanks new readers, see you tomorrow.