Saturday, November 27, 2010

Small Town Love

Small town Love of the Month.... Small Business

Living in a town that is slowly, but surely being taken over by big box stores, it is nice to have those small independently owned shops that make it feel like home. When you walk in they recognize you and ask how you have been.

There are a 3 stores that I stop in once a week, 2 antique shops and a consignment furniture store. I rarely buy anything, but the women that work there are so friendly and welcoming that it makes me want to keep coming back.

A few weekends ago my neighborhood buddy Mrs. Hopeful and I went to this cute little Donut/Coffee shop called Mrs. Renisons. It was like walking into the twilight zone, counter top seating, donuts for 60cents and coffee for $1.00 or less. It was wild. we loved it!!!

Like I said, we will be taken over soon by the big guys, we already have Wal Mart and Lowes, Home Depot. And don't get me wrong, I would love to have a Target, but I will still shop at these little stores because it is what living in a small town is all about!

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abkdesign said...

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I too agree that those small town shops are the best to shop at over the holidays!!