Thursday, December 16, 2010

storybook baby shower

Some of our close friends are expecting their first child in March. Of course I had to offer to host a baby shower!

I chose a storybook theme filled with childrens books and a menu based all on stories.

The first step was finding the perfect invitation. With help from my crafty co-worker and friend ABK she helped me create these awesome bookmark invitations!

Each one was different, from the color to the ribbon to the detail at the bottom.

Card Stock- $ 10
Printing and Laminating- Free
Creativity- still waiting for the bill.... ahem... ABK
Ribbon- $8 ( was only $4, until I got home and realized I bought adhesive ribbon, but it created the cute borders on the bottom of each bookmark)
Envelopes- free, had them at home
Postage- always too much

TOTAL- $18 for 35 invitations (excluding postage)

1 comment:

Andrea said...

They are wonderful! I loved them! I'm lucky to have a friend with your creativity!