Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentines day

I hope that you all get to feel special today! Even if you have a special valentine in your life most important thing is to do something special for yourself!

Today I am feeling special because:
- I have a super valentine
- I have a surprise gift waiting at home from my super valentine husband
- I had a FREE coffee drink at Java City
- I am loving my new iphone
- I am loving that I got to wear one of my $5 dresses to work today and it isn't black
- I am loving the funny memory of the fact that I forgot to wear a coat to work this morning even though it is only 45degrees it feels like summer after the weather as been in the negatives.
- I have no meetings this morning which allows me to right this post from my desk

What is making you feel special today?

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abkdesign said...

Gavin's knock knock card and yellow flowers made me feel special today! Happy Valentine's day to you!

Jill said...

I'm happy because my husband doesn't usually celebrate Valentine's day and we had two days of celebrating this weekend. He also gifted me my maternity photos and newborn pictures with my favorite photographer... so thoughtful! And while he might be GLUED to his phone all night, it will be good to just spend time together.

Happy Valentine's Day to you two!

Jill said...

I left you some awards on my blog today...