Thursday, March 31, 2011

happy birthday

Today marks the birth of my best friend and best husband ever!

It also marks the start of his final year as a twenty something.... I hope that he has enjoyed his twenties as much as I have, especially the past 5 years that we have spent together. We are not scared of 30, after all it is the new 20 right?? luckily it is not happening this year!

This is the fifth year that we will enjoy his birthday dinner at Thurman burger, home of the Thurmanator...
Tomorrow we will spend time out with friends and then have a fun weekend filled with friends and family.

Happy Birthday B! Love you


Jill said...

Yeah! Happy Birthday to B!!!!

Boooo about the last year int he 20s though... I'm feeling that pain this year. Oh well, such is life. It will be awesome, I'm sure!!

Have a great time tonight!

abkdesign said...

happy birthday!!!Thurman burger's are the BEST! Enjoy

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Berbee!!