Tuesday, April 5, 2011

going and going and going

I am running on auto pilot this month... I have over extended myself once again! It is only April 5 and I am exhausted...

This week alone I have the following events:
Wednesday- "Ready to Pop" Party- a gathering for my neighborhood friends who are pregnant
Friday & Saturday- Garage Sale
Sunday- Swap Party

sounds fun right? Well, mix all that in with a jam packed work schedule and after working classes... cleaning the house... cooking, pricing and painting... UGH I am TIRED.

I really should not complain because I created this stress for myself.

I guess I can just look at this as blog material... so lucky you!

Stay Tuned Blog Friends


Andrea said...

So bummed I'm missing the Swap Party :(

Jill said...

I knew you'd get to this point, but if you're like me... being busy (while crazy) is more desirable than just sitting and being lame.

Can't wait!