Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ready To Pop

My neighborhood friends are basically all expecting babies. Some of them are on their first and a few are on their second and third!!

There are three of us that are not expecting and so we got together to throw a celebration for our prego friends!

A "Ready to Pop" Party!!!

For the menu, I of course had to have a theme. POP! We served:
Popcorn (3 varieties)
"pop"perroni Pizza
fruit pops (fruit on a stick)
snap, crackle, pops (rice krispie treats)
Soda Pop

I even threw in some blow pops and pop rocks!

Since there were a total of 7 girls invited, 4 of which have buns in the oven, I asked everyone to bring a gender neautral baby gift. We had a white elephant style gift exchange. before they could pick their gifts, I made them pop a balloon to see what order they would go in, inside each balloon was a piece of paper with a # on it.

The gift exchange worked out great. The girls were allowed to steal gifts from each other, so that was entertaining. Each mom to be took home 2 gifts in the end! The hot item for the night was a hand-made blanket by one of the ladies!

It was a lot of fun. I am happy to host events like this! These were 4 of the about 10 or more pregnant woman that I know right now! It is crazy how many girls are pregnant at the same time. We are happy to be 7 months into our marriage and we look forward to starting our own family some day, but for now it is fun to see others go through it... I am learning so much!

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Jill said...

It was a great time and I'm so excited about my gifts! What a great idea and thank you for throwing it for us!

You're a fabulous host!