Monday, March 21, 2011

"its our first time"

spoken words of my husband as we leave our first experience at IKEA.

We loved our trip to Ikea! We were overwhelmed at first, but thank goodness we had been briefed on how it worked there. We were ready!

I knew going with B that I would not spend a whole day there, but I could have. We were there for about 3 hours!

We bought a new coffee table, some pillows, a few letter B bookends, picture frames and a frame ledge, some misc $1 items to use for gifts.

I could have spent a lot of money, but we got everything for about $250.

The Ikea is about 2 hours from home, but we drove down for a mini getaway. There is a new outlet mall in the same area so we spent time outside there getting some deals! We also found the Ballard Company outlet, which was a 4 in one store!! Front Gate, Grandinroad and another store i had never heard of. That was a really fun surprise!!

A really bad pic of the Ballard/FrontGate store... lots of stuff

Thank goodness for comfy furniture or he might not have made it through the day....

We watched NCAA basketball at a local restaurant and had some adult bevs at the bar and spent the night at a hotel. It was a great close to home get away!

 we got to go home and put together the coffee table!

it was a great weekend!!

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Jill said...

That place sucks you in and you totally loose track of time. It's crazy. I go and just do the warehouse part now and I still spend hours there. It's unreal! I haven't been since August or something (last year) so I'm looking forward to our trip there in early April! So many things on my list to get this next time around! :)

That table looks great!