Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the great debate

in our house we rarely agree on home decor. If it were up to B he would just keep the college stuff we had and make every room a TV room... Or he would just walk into a furniture and say "ok that set up there" and be done with it... I wish it were that easy, but... I have a lot of visions.

Deep down I think he likes my eclectic style and the coziness that I bring to the home with my style.

One space he is not budging on this time around is our new back deck. He has his heart set on comfy furniture with a resort lounge feel. (those are not his words, but thats what I have gathered).
We looked this past weekend at a lot of options... we could not agree!

I think the reason is that his vision is not what I am used to or what I grew up with, back decks were always like the second dining room... a place to eat in the summer.

Here is what I am used to:

Table, chairs and an umbrella. A place to sit, talk and eat.

Here is what B wants:

A love seat, Chairs and a coffee table... A place to sit talk and hang out.

I am just nervous for the change. What if we want to grill out? Where will we eat?

which do you prefer?


abkdesign said...

I think you can do both.... get a small table for eating and than a lounge area for after dinner drinks. Maybe a table that one side folds down so that when you are not eating at the table it can be used to hold apps/drinks (bar)? We bought an inexpensive table and chairs last year and this year might do the "lounge" look too.

Jill said...

Personally, I'm a fan of the "second place to eat" or the place to play cards on the patio, kind of set up. If you get the right chairs you could have a very comfy place to lounge with the option to also eat. If you only do the lounge set up, you just have to eat on your laps. I don't know what's best... but I like the table set up. :)