Monday, March 7, 2011

Musical Monday

I know its the #1 song right now, I guess for a reason because I can not get it out of my head...

"Born this way" by Lady GaGa!

I probably sing it all day because I hear it everyday, but it is catchy.
Also, I think that it sends a good message. This new song is a positive message to young ladies- Be Yourself, no matter what people say... you were born who you are! Different is a good thing... not saying you need to wear a meat suit or horns on your heard, but being yourself is important!

People say GaGa is the Madonna of the new generation, while I disagree, I can see some similarities.
I could not imagine Whitney Houston singing this song, but apparently that is who Lady GaGa channeled with working on it, according to her Grammy Speech.

Anyway, for this week, I will listen to this song over and over until I get sick out it.

Please be sure to tell me if when you listen you do not tap your feet to the beat... I find it impossible...

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