Thursday, April 28, 2011

a royal confession

I have a confession... I think I want to be Kate Middleton.

OK, I don't want to be a Princess and I do not want to marry Prince William, however, I do want to have her chic and classy sense of style.

She has great hair, and I want to believe that she does it herself
She seems down to earth and friendly....
All of her outfits look seamless while also like it took her 2 seconds to just throw it on and walk out the door... yes I realize that someone probably shops for her these days, but still....
And... lets not forget that I wish I had an accent ...

The one thing that I do not envy about her right now are the wedding day jitters... I remember what my pre-wedding and wedding day feelings were and I am just an average American.... She is marrying into the Royal family and millions of people are going to be live watching her every move.... insert vomit

I wanted to boycott watching the wedding and all the hype, but I failed and I am officially sucked in to the spectacle. While I may not wake up at 4AM to watch the Joan Rivers review of the processional, I will watch! After all... I have to see her dress.

For all you locals reading, be sure to record the 6 hour event  and then go to Jenis Ice Cream and order some of the YUMMY Royal Wedding Ice Cream Flavors to enjoy while you watch.


1 comment:

Emma said...

You could definitely pull off her look. You do look like her, and if you make your own hat, you and Bob can dress like them for halloween because he sort of resembles the prince too!