Monday, May 23, 2011

Musical Monday and then some...

What a great weekend! The weather was amazing and it was spend with friends and family!

Friday we had a few friends over for dinner, including the guest of honor:

LA baby came to visit! It’s so nice to finally be able to sit out on our deck!

Saturday was a busy day of shopping and baby shower. Crazy to believe I had two baby showers to attend this weekend, I only went to one… which there were four expecting moms and 3 new moms in attendance, this is truly a Baby Epidemic!

Saturday night was a team effort to complete a Kitchen Painting project… more to come on that this week.

Sunday was filled with flowers and planting and lots of sunshine!!! I was just happy to get outside and get some rays on this pasty skin!

In honor of all this fun in the sun my Monday song is “Here comes the Sun” by the Beatles!

**sadly, this morning the sun went back into hibernation and it is raining...again**

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