Saturday, August 6, 2011

so far...

In the midst of my traveling I manage to still get quite a bit done in regard to socializing and keeping up with my hobbies!

While this makes me a crazy person, in the end when I look back I am glad that I am still able to enjoy my summer.

I realize that when I return from my summer of jet setting I will have many posts to share with you and lots 'o pics, so I better fill you in on what my life has been so far this summer.

My experience at the Farmers Market was not as great as we thought it would be. The traffic was slow, and people were more interested in learning abotu flowers then buying them.
Our garden kept growing though! We reached out to a local friend and florist to see what she could so with the product.

Thanks to my super nice hubby I am now able to make Ice Cream when ever I want!!! For my birthday (yes I recently got older) he bouht me  Kitchen Aid Mixer Ice Cream attachment! So far I made Vanilla... YUM! More on that another time, I am sure I will be making many batches of ice cream!

I celebrated by birthday with friends and family, hosted a wine tasting event with the Local Young Professionals group and spent time at the lake house. Even made some time for baking, I made these cupcakes that I call " Corn on the CupCakes"....

I am pleased with my summer so far... it will end with a very anticipated trip!! I am so exicted to come back and tell you all about it...

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