Friday, September 9, 2011

back to reality

after 16 amazing days in Europe I am officially back to the real world. It seems like the month of August did not exist for us since on vacation we did not live by a calendar and a clock. it was great!!!

Our agenda went as follows:

Day 1- Limburg (southern region of the Netherlands)
Day 2- Germany and Belgium (in one day because they are that close together!)
Day 3- Train to Paris
Day 4- Paris
Day 5- Paris
Day 6- Brugge, Belgium
Day 7- Train to Holland (Voorhout)
Day 8- Amsterdam
Day 9- Amsterdam
Day 10- Sassenheim (where the hubs family is from and where he was born)
Day 11- Flower Auction and Bulb factory tours
Day 12- Berbee Family Day in Amsterdam
Day 13- Family Day in Leiden (still part of Holland)
Day 14- Volendam (just wait till you see our christmas card)
Day 15- Back to Limburg
Day 16- Brussels, Belgium
Day 17- Fly Home

Here is a really bad map to show you the regions that we visited.
wow... I am exhausted just re-typing all that. Wait until I type it out city by city.... stay tuned.


Andrea said...

So excited to see updates to this blog!

Jill said...

I'm so excited that you are back! Just reading this makes me so excited to hear about your trip! So exciting and so jealous of your time over there! Sounds like a blast!