Monday, September 12, 2011

euro trip- the begining

I will start at the begining... we flew 2 hours to New York and then 8 hours through the night to Brussels Belgium. Not the worst flight ever thanks to movies and food (2 free meals... sounds unheard of these days with the airlines)

We were greeted at 8a.m. by Bs uncles who also happen to be the priests that married us, so we were in good hands. Fred and Hans spent the day taking us on tours of Limburg (southern netherlands), Belgium and Germany all in one day!! This is us standing in all 3 countries at once... pretty cool. Don't mind that the children would not leave so we had to include them in the photos.
 this is the point where the 3 countries come together and the kid that could not get enough of it.

We had lunch on top of a hill that was in the Netherlands, but looking into Belgium and Germany at the same time!

So, now that you understand that we were so close to these places, it will not shocking when you hear that we often had lunch in Heerlen (the town we stayed) and then traveled to Germany for dinner or sometimes just for a drink.

We spent a day in Maastricht, which is also in southern Netherlands. We went shopping in many different little boutiques. The most interesting store was a department store that you could compare to a Macys, but that also had a bakery/grocery in the aisle over from the purses. So you can shop for a purse while you wait for your sandwich to be made... sounds good to me!

All the while we enjoyed that no matter what town or country we were in, we were at our leisure to do whatever we want. Even if that was stopping every hour to have coffee or a beer.
how cute is that little cup of coffee :)

From here we took a train to Paris France......

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