Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Euro Trip- Paris ooo la la

From the southern region of the Netherlands we headed to Aachen, Germany for the train to Paris!

In 3 short hours and first class service on the train we had arrived in Paris- BONJOUR.

On the train we mapped out our 3 day trip in detail. The first step was getting from the train station to the hotel... we decided to make this a true adventure we would take public transportation/subway instead of hailing a cab.

We succesfully found the subway station, bought our tickets (only 3euro a piece) and before we knew it we managed to get off at the right stop and we were just a 5 minute walk from the hotel!

We stayed on the Isle St. Louis which was over looking the famous Notre Dame cathedral. ( by the way Disney fans, Quasimodo, the hunch back, is fake and never actually existed at the Notre Dame).

We decided that the "hop on hop off" transportation would be our best bet at seeing the city in 3 days. We took a bus and a boat every where we wanted to go which was really conveinent I recommend this to anyone who travels to Paris.
We also had a lot of long walks and bike rides.

Below is our hotel Hotel De Lutece it was exactly what I hoped to stay in, small and quaint! Very French.

In short here are the highlights of our 3 days in Paris:

Notre Dame
Eiffel Tower
Arc de Triomphe
Champs- Elysses
The Louvre
Moulin Rouge
Pere Lachaise Cemetery (where Jim Morrison is buried)

We had dinner in the St. Marys Park behind the Notre Dame one night, we drank wine along the Seine River and enjoyed gelato from Berthillon.

It was a perfect time spent with just me and the hubs.

The trip does not end here... we were only on day 5 of 16 at this point!

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