Saturday, September 24, 2011

thoughtful people

everyone knows someone who always tops them when it comes to thoughtfulness... just when you think you are going to the next level, someone comes along and takes it above and beyond.

What do you do when someone makes you a special gift... not to mention they get sick, go to the hospital, but still manage to create this beautiful gift!

Well one of those extra thoughtful people in my life made us an extra special  One Year Anniversary gift!

This is a handmade quilt that also includes squares of photo fabric... photos from our Wedding Day!
Jana is so talented and just makes these things out of the kindness of her heart.

Do you know someone that goes above and beyond with their thoughtfulness??


Jana said...

awwww thanks :) :) :)

lessons learned along the way said...

Bob and Mattie,
I saw your Christmas card; what a hoot. Now I see your post and I am really jealous. Next time we come down I want you to wear those shoes to work and I will take you out to lunch. That picture of the flower market looked incredible. Holland is now on the top of my list when we go to Europe.
Mr. Kilner